REAP Member Schools, Districts and Educational Organizations

Academy for Technology & the Classics Charter Scho (North Central)
Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc. (Albuquerque & Central)
Alamogordo Public Schools (Southwest)
Aldo Leopold Charter School (Southwest)
Alma d`Arte Charter High School (Southwest)
Animas Public Schools (Southwest)
Artesia Public Schools (Southeast)
ABQ Charter Academy (Albuquerque & Central)
Belen Consolidated Schools (Albuquerque & Central)
Bernalillo Public Schools (Albuquerque & Central)
Bloomfield Schools (Northwest)
Capitan Municipal Schools (East)
Carlsbad Municipal Schools (Southeast)
Carrizozo Municipal Schools (East)
Central Consolidated School District (Northwest)
Central Region Educational Cooperative #5 (Albuquerque & Central)
Cien Aguas International School (Albuquerque & Central)
Clayton Municipal Schools (Northeast)
Cloudcroft Municipal Schools (Southwest)
Clovis Municipal School District (East)
Cobre Consolidated School District (Southwest)
Cooperative Educational Services (Statewide) (Northwest)
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory (Albuquerque & Central)
Cottonwood Valley Charter School (Albuquerque & Central)
Cuba Independent Schools (Northwest)
Deming Cesar Chavez Charter High School (Southwest)
Deming Public Schools (Southwest)
Des Moines Municipal Schools (Northeast)
Dexter Consolidated Schools (Southeast)
Dulce Independent School (Northwest)
El Camino Real Academy (Albuquerque & Central)
Espanola Public School District #55 (North Central)
Eunice Public Schools (Southeast)
Fort Sumner Municipal Schools (East)
Gallup McKinley County Schools (Northwest)
Grants/Cibola County Schools (Northwest)
Haaku Community Academy (Northwest)
Hagerman Municipal (Southeast)
Hatch Valley Public Schools (Southwest)
High Plains Regional Education Cooperative #3 (Northeast)
Hobbs Municipal Schools (Southeast)
Hondo Valley (East)
House Municipal Schools (East)
Jal Public Schools (Southeast)
Jemez Mountain Schools (Northwest)
Jemez Valley Public Schools (Albuquerque & Central)
Khapo Community School (Northwest)
Las Vegas City Schools (Northeast)
Lordsburg Municipal Schools (Southwest)
Maxwell Municipal Schools (Northeast)
McCurdy Charter School (North Central)
Media Arts Collaborative Charter School (Albuquerque & Central)
Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools (North Central)
Mescalero Apache School (Southwest)
Montezuma-Cortez School District (Northwest)
Moriarty-Edgewood School District (Albuquerque & Central)
Mosquero Municipal Schools (Northeast)
Mountainair Public Schools (Albuquerque & Central)
New Mexico International School (Albuquerque & Central)
NACA Inspired Schools Network (Albuquerque & Central)
NM School f/t Blind and Visually Impaired (Southwest)
Pecos Cyber Academy (Southeast)
Pecos Independent Schools (North Central)
Pecos Valley Regional Cooperative #8 (North Central)
Penasco Independent School District (North Central)
Pojoaque Valley School District (North Central)
Portales Municipal Schools (East)
Pueblo of Laguna Department of Education (Albuquerque & Central)
Quemado ISD #2 (Southwest)
Questa Independent Schools (North Central)
Ramah Navajo School Board (Northwest)
Region IX Education Cooperative (East)
Regional Education Cooperative 6 (East)
Reserve Independent District No. 1 (Southwest)
Roy Municipal Schools (Northeast)
Ruidoso Municipal Schools (East)
San Jon Municipal Schools (East)
Sandoval Academy of Bilingual Education (Albuquerque & Central)
Santa Fe Indian School (North Central)
Santa Fe Public Schools (North Central)
Santa Rosa Consolidated Schools (East)
Shiprock Associated Schools, Inc. (Northwest)
Silver Consolidated School District #1 (Southwest)
Socorro Consolidated Schools (Albuquerque & Central)
South Valley Academy (Albuquerque & Central)
Southwest Regional Education Cooperative (Southwest)
Springer Municipal Schools (Northeast)
Taos Charter School (North Central)
Taos Municipal Schools (North Central)
The Great Academy (Albuquerque & Central)
The MASTERS Program Early College Charter High Sch (North Central)
The New America School-New Mexico (Albuquerque & Central)
Tierra Encantada Charter School (North Central)
Tohajiilee Community School Board of Education Inc (Albuquerque & Central)
Truth or Consequences Municipal Schools (Southwest)
Tucumcari Public Schools (East)
Tularosa Municipal Schools (Southwest)
Vaughn Municipal Schools (East)
Vista Grande High School (North Central)
Walatowa High Charter School (Albuquerque & Central)
Zuni Public Schools (Northwest)