Application Process for NMREAP Membership

Step 1. Determine the annual fee for your school or district. Please select your district or the option that applies to you from the drop-down menu below.

Your NMREAP Membership Fee is:

Step 2. Now that you know your annual fee, if you wish to continue with your membership, please proceed to the next step.

Step 3. You may include your purchase order (PO) number on the application. However, if you do not have a PO # available, you may continue with the application and fax your PO later. Fax your district's/school's purchase order, in the appropriate amount, to NMREAP Director at 505-715-5826. Failure to submit your purchase order within five business days from date of activation may result in deactivation of your membership.

Note: Your membership in NMREAP is for one calendar year from the date of activation. In other words, if your membership is activated on April 1st, your membership will expire on March 31st of the subsequent year.

Activation of membership usually takes 24 -72 hours from receipt of the completed membership application. The primary contact identified on the membership application will be contacted by a representative from REAP National and provided with a secure username and password when the school is operational on the NMREAP system.

New Mexico REAP Membership Application

Please complete the following information

Institution & Mailing Address
School District Name:
Mailing Address:
City:     State:
HR / Personnel Office Contact Information
Applicant Phone Contact   Ext: (# for applicants to contact the personnel office)
Personnel Office Email:
District Website Address:
NMREAP Contact Information
The primary contact will be considered the NMREAP administrator for the district/school, and will be the person with whom NMREAP personnel will communicate.
Preferred Contact Method:
Primary Contact:
Phone:   Ext:
Alternate Contact:
Phone:   Ext:
Person Authorized to Post and Update Jobs.
Title: (Example: Miss, Mrs., Ms., Mr., etc.)
Full Name:
Phone:   Ext:
School District Information
P.O. #:
Person Completing Form:
Phone:   Ext:
# of Schools # of Students
Middle Schools  
High Schools  
Special Schools  

The primary contact identified above will be contacted by phone when this school/district is operational on the NMREAP site. A secure username and password will be provided at that time.