All Other Positions - Pecos Cyber Academy
Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: IT Support Person
Job Location: Pecos Cyber Academy/Remote
Beginning: Mar 23, 2024
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Pecos Cyber Academy
Edgewood, NM 87015
Telephone: 505-886-3900
Job Description:
  1. Coordinate activities between departments as related to computers, telephones and video systems.
  2. Supervise and evaluate information technology personnel to ensure efficient implementation of technology.
  3. Provide leadership and direction in the evaluation and acquisition of hardware and software.
  4. Coordinate the acquisition and setup of computer, telephone and video equipment at all district sites.
  5. Approve and order network connected technology for district.
  6. Follow district policies and administrative rules and regulations.
  7. Work in partnership with the Executive Director to implement the district’s Technology Plan.
  8. Facilitate the meetings and decision-making process of the Long-Range Technology Planning Team.
  9. Provide leadership and direction in the evaluation and acquisition of instructional hardware and related instructional materials.
  10. Supervise and evaluate technology staff to ensure efficient implementation of technology.
  11. Conduct needs assessment and program evaluations in the area of technology.
  12. Develop and maintain contact at the local, state, and national levels to assist in meeting the goals of PCA`s Technology Plan.
  13. Keep current on trends and developments in educational technology.
  14. Serve as consultant on assigned curriculum committees.
  15. Work with the Executive Director for implementation of technology of existing and/or new programs.
  16. Order and maintain fiscal records for technology purchases.
  17. Contact vendors for information.
  18. Assist the district purchasing and business offices as needed with regard to technology purchases.
  19. Coordinate repairs to equipment that may not be covered by another service agreement or the maintenance department.
  20. Work cooperatively with colleagues, supervisors, and administrators.
  21. Demonstrate ethical behavior.
  22. Engage in self-development.
  23. Maintain behavior appropriate to performing and accomplishing assigned duties.
  24. Know what to do to successfully complete assigned work.
  25. Project an over-all concern for personal appearance as it relates to job performance.
  26. Deal with information that is confidential regarding personnel and labor relations issues.
  27. Perform other tasks as may be deemed appropriate and necessary by your Executive Director
  28. Manage Clever
Information Technology Department at the School Level

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