Psychologist - Mescalero Apache School
Position: Psychologist
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Psychologist
Job Location: Mescalero Apache School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Mescalero Apache School
Mescalero, NM 88340
Telephone: 575-464-4431 EXT 1122
Job Description:
Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments of students referred for multifactorial evaluations
Interpret results of psychological evaluations to school personnel, other concerned professionals, parents, and to students (whenever this is deemed appropriate).
Serve as member of the Individual Education Planning Committee to assist in the development of an individualized plan to enable the assigned student to progress, educationally.
Conduct individual, group, or facilitative therapy with students whose identified emotional/behavioral needs require psychosocial counseling, and/or behavioral - modifications as designated by supervisor.
Provide assistance and support to classroom teachers, or other school staff, as required, to assist in implementing a student's IBP.
Participate in case staffing's as requested by supervisor. (CPT)
Plans and conducts in-service training programs on counseling/behavioral issues, and related topics for staff, students, and community which includes parents and families.
Documents patient treatment, response, and progress according to professional board standards and in compliance with IEP.
Demonstrates knowledge and compliance with all professional standards of conduct and professional ethics.                                                ·
Demonstrates knowledge and compliance with all aspects of local, state and federal requirements (IDEA-B FERPA, etc.).
Collaborates with colleagues, other agencies, students and parents to determine successful positive intervention strategies and behavioral interventions that result positive outcomes for children with disabilities and their families.
Goals and objectives are written for students who qualify for psychological/counseling services.
Logs for services to be kept updated in NASIS for the students who qualify through their IBP.
Ability to analyze situations accurately and to recommend necessary action.
Give advice to staff on how to work with students on your caseload.
Effective staff and public relations skills.
Effective verbal and written communication skills.
In collaboration with IBP Committee, plans and manages a program of psychological services designed to establish/maintain appropriate behaviors and responses for children with disabilities and their parents.
Confers with physician/psychiatrist and other members of the interdisciplinary team to obtain additional patient information, suggest revisions in the treatment program, and integrate psychological counseling treatment with other aspects of the individual program plan.
  • Key Relationships:
Position reports to the designated principal and/or special education director.
Meets with parents of students who are qualify for services due to an IBP or immediate need referral.
Has daily contact with students on their caseload.
  • Minimum qualifications:
Valid license from N.M P.E.D.t, State of N.M Licensing and Regulation Professional Licensure (Prefer Level II or III).
High degree of knowledge of state and federal regulations pertaining to K-12 Special Education and Education programs. Performs initial and ongoing student tests, measurements, observation/assessments, and evaluations in the area of mental health, social/emotional status, and behavior.
Must be able to pass a background check prior to employment.
Will be required to pass drug test upon employment, then randomly selected.
Must be able to follow all school policies and procedures.
Willing to learn about and be able to integrate the Mescalero Apache Culture within their program.
Terms of employment: 9 month employee.
  • Working conditions:
Work is within a school environment
Depending on the level of the special needs of the student, work could be stressful and demanding that could involve hours beyond the regular school day.
There will be occasional travel to meetings and/or training.
ALL positions require background checks and clearance from any criminal charges prior to employment. 
Note: any felonious or any of two (2) or more misdemeanor convictions will disqualify applicant from employment.
All positions require initial drug testing upon hire, then random monthly drug testing.
Selection for employment will be based on the Mescalero Apache Tribal Ordinance 06-02.

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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