Classroom Teacher - Penasco Independent School District
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Special Education
Job Title: MS Special Education Teacher
Job Location: Penasco ISD
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Special Education K-12
District: Penasco Independent School District
Penasco, NM 87553
Telephone: 575-587-2230 EXT 1206
Job Description:

1. Properly certified in all areas of assignment
2. Demonstrates cooperativeness and a willingness to carry-out assigned tasks and performance
3. Bilingual, ESL, TESOL Endorsement as needed at each school site:
4. Be Highly Qualified according to NCLB. 
5. Other qualifications determined necessary by the Board
REPORTS TO: Principal or Coordinator/Director of Special Education
JOB GOAL: To provide each student with the opportunity to get into  a program that will enable him/her to reach his/her fullest physical, emotional, psychological, and behavioral potential through Individual Education Plan IEP.
1. Provide a basic care program for all identified students consistent with state education code requirements and locally adopted guidelines.
2. Coordinate and supervise work experience and on-campus job training programs involving Special Education Students.
3. Work cooperatively with classroom teachers who have Special Education students in regular classes, interpreting the abilities and disabilities of these students to the staff on a need to know basis, and assist the student with regular class assignments.
4. Confer frequently with parents and professional staff members regarding the student’s wellness, strengths, educational, social, personal behavior problems and progress of such  students.
5. Assist other professional staff members in resolving the unique psychological learning or disciplinary problems of each student.
6. Assist in screening, evaluating, and recommending placements of applicants in the school’s Special Education Program.
7. Counsel individuals and groups of Special Education students with educational, occupations and personal problems. 
8. Assist the Special Education students in making a realistic assessment of his/her abilities and in establishing educational and occupational goals in keeping these abilities.
9. Provide motivation to students who have a short attention span.
10. Establish and maintain standards of individual student behavior.
11. Undertake continuing professional study in the psychology of the special education student and in bilingual education referencing teaching methods related to this field.
12. Keep attendance records and all other records pertinent of student activities to include in and out of school activities.
13. Participate in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities to include in and out of school activities.
14. Implement EPSS and participate in curriculum development programs, curriculum benchmarks, alignment, performance standards/assessments and revisions, inclusive of the bilingual curriculum and express your views and professional observations to the E.A.and R. Committee and provide input in developing/modifying IEP(s).
15. Gather data in order to develop strategies for student improvement. 
16. Initiate the selection of equipment and materials and maintains required inventory records.
17. Supervise pupil in and out of school activities as assigned.
18. Participate cooperatively with the appropriate administrators to develop the method by which the teacher will be evaluated in conformance with district guidelines.
19. Administer group standardized tests in accordance with district testing program.
20. Administer the IPT Assessment.
21. Participate in filling out Time Study for Medicaid Reimbursement.
22. Be willing to provide the Least Restrictive Environment to all or the majority of the students in a special education program.
23. Provide Full Inclusion and team teach with the regular education teacher.
24. Attend board meetings at the request of the Superintendent or his/her authorized designee.
25. Perform other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary  by the supervisors(s)
26. Be technology literate.


** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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