Accounting Positions - Ramah Navajo School Board
Position: Accounting Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Administrative Services Director (CFO)
Job Location: Ramah Navajo School Board, Inc., Pine Hill School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Ramah Navajo School Board
Pine Hill, NM 87357
Telephone: 505-775-4187
Job Description:
1. Master's Degree in Business Administration, Business Management, or a Financial or Budget management degree or related field, and eight (8) years work experience.
2. Five (5) years experience in management or overall administrative and financial management services with at least two (2) years of supervisory or management related experience.
3. Certified Public Accountant preferred, but not necessary;
4.  Must have eight (8) years work experience in governmental fund accounting and knowledgeable of applicable accounting and auditing standards;
5.  Must have extensive work experience and expert knowledge of administrative and managing federal, state, and other grants and contracts;
6.  Must have extensive knowledge of applicable federal standards, rules, regulations and laws governing cost and expenditures of funds i.e. Pub. Law 93-638, Pub. Law 100-297;
7.  Must have the ability to communicate financial information and make presentations to higher management and external agencies;
8.  Ability to organize work for presentation to both internal and external groups;
9.  Ability to perform analytical skills and abilities; education or experience as an analyst is preferred but not required;
10. Expert knowledge of budgetary or financial management processes;
11. Ability to perform grant writing processes, to implement grants, and to adhere to required grant compliance.  

SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Must undergo a thorough background check.  

POSITION GOAL       :      To coordinate services provided by the administrative offices so that they facilitate the RNSB in achieving its vision and mission by providing services to the Ramah Navajo community.  To assist the Education and Non-Education Departments in accomplishing program standards and goals.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:                  
  1. Responsible for the assignment of duties; preparation of work, schedules; approves and disapproves leave, develops employee work standards; completes employee performance appraisals; prepares personnel requests for transfers, promotions, selections, etc.; interviews and selects applicants for vacant positions; and resolves minor disciplinary actions or as necessary for more serious infractions may request assistance from supervisor.
  2. Serves as the focal point for RNSB Administrative services to assure mission objectives and initiatives are accomplished, measures, accomplishments against established local standards and criteria for productivity and resource utilization base on analysis of studies/trends, develops alternative courses of action to improve effectiveness including change of managerial direction.
  3. Provides oversight of multi-purpose and multi-functional programmatic functions and RNSB initiatives which have substantial impact on RNSB Administrative service programs and community efforts. 
  4. Provides management expertise to the RNSB by working with program directors and senior officials, contractors, and other Federal, State, Tribal and local agencies to consult and advise on management problems of mutual concern.
  5. Responsible for financial management standardization and improvement of internal processing and advise and coordinate the activities in area of financial management and accountability.
  6. Keeps abreast of all changes or new developments pertaining to laws, regulations, programs, etc., as related to current programmatic operations through attendance of meetings, seminars, training sessions, etc.
  7. Responsible for budget and financial management activities for the Administrative Services programs.  Provides guidance and direction consistent with RNSB directives.  Assures corrective actions are taken to provide resources necessary to accomplish mission goals.  Provides accountability of financial programs through required or periodic reports.
  8. Performs other duties as required.
Supervises:  Controller, Budget Officer, Information Management Specialist & Procurement Officer

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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