Classroom Teacher - Bloomfield Schools
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Science
Job Title: Science Teacher
Job Location: Charlie Y Brown Alternative High School
Beginning: Aug 06, 2019
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Science: Secondary Teaching 7-12
District: Bloomfield Schools
Bloomfield, NM 87413
Telephone: 505-632-4365
Job Description:
General Job Description:
                The Science Teacher will provide guidance and instructional experiences that are academically and developmentally appropriate for each student assigned to that classroom.
                1.    Bachelor’s degree
                 2.   Valid New Mexico teaching license endorsement.
A.      Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  1. The teacher accurately demonstrates knowledge of the content area and approved curriculum.
  2. The teacher appropriately utilizes a variety of teaching methods and resources for each area taught.
  3. The teacher communicates with and obtains feedback from students in a manner that enhances student learning and understanding.
  4. The teacher comprehends the principles of student growth, development, and learning and applies them appropriately.
  5. The teacher effectively utilizes student assessment techniques and procedures.
  6. The teacher manages the educational setting in a manner that promotes positive student behavior and a safe and healthy environment.
  7. The teacher recognizes student diversity and creates an atmosphere conducive to the promotion of positive student involvement and self-concept.
  8. The teacher demonstrates a willingness to examine and implement change as appropriate.
  9. The teacher works productively with colleagues, parents, and community members.
  10. The teacher follows board policies and administrative rules and regulations.

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