All Other Positions - Ramah Navajo School Board
Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Elementary Teacher
Job Location: Pine Hill School
Beginning: Sep 17, 2018
Deadline: Dec 31, 2018**
District: Ramah Navajo School Board
Pine Hill, NM 87357
Telephone: 505-775-4187
Job Description:
  1. BA or MA in Elementary Education.
  2. Valid New Mexico Public Education K-8 teaching license or license eligible.
SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS:  Must submit to a pre-employment criminal background check and every five years thereafter. Must also submit to an initial health examination that includes screening for tuberculosis and a periodic re-examination thereafter as recommended by their health provider.  
SUPERVISED BY      :            Principal K-12 
SUPERVISES            :           Educational Assistants/volunteers
PAY RANGE              :           Certified Salary Scale
WORKING HOURS   :           7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
LUNCH HOUR           :           ½ Hour
POSITION GOAL       :           To help each pupil develop competence in subject area
skills and an understanding of subject material.  To provide structured classroom management, planned instruction and thorough assessments which reflect each student’s learning.  To work with parents, other staff members and students improve the subject area knowledge and skills of the student.  To improve teaching as assigned by the principal, mentors and staff training personnel.
  1. Will support and comply with the Pine Hill School philosophy, mission, and vision statement.
  2. Will have four (4) hours of Prevention of Sexual Harassment training annually.
  3. Will have four (4) hours of training on SCAN procedures and reporting annually.
  4. Become familiar and be in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy act)
  5. Teachers assigned students in line with school policies/procedures, curriculum and/or state guidelines.
  6. Maintains structured class management such that students are exposed only to efficient, businesslike, active learning environments without disruption. Establish call rules and standards of classroom behavior with students and consistently enforce those expectations.
  7. Develops lesson plans and appropriate instructional assessments, materials, activities and so on. Adapts level of instruction and assessment to student level/needs
  8. Provides opportunities, when appropriate, for small group interaction, individual or small group instruction.
  9. Selects and requisitions books, instructional aids and instructional supplies and maintains required inventory records.
  10. Communications with parent/staff to interpret assessments and to discuss individual student's progress.
  11. Identifies pupil needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping pupils solve health, attitude and learning problems.
  12. Supervises students in and out of classroom as assigned.
  13. Participates in curriculum or other developmental programs as assigned.
  14. Shares in sponsorship of student activities, and participates in all sta/training or meetings as assigned.
  15. Maintains professional competence through in-services education activities provided by the school and/or in self selected professional growth activities.
  16. Complies with all RNSB, Inc. performance expectations.
  17. Accomplishes other tasks as assigned by supervisor.
 TERM OF EMPLOYMENT       : School Year Contract
 EVALUATION                           : Per RNSB Personnel Policy Manual
 METHOD                                  : Per Pine Hill School Performance Standards
 CRITERIA                                 : Per Pine Hill School Performance Evaluation form

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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